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Control your Group Health Premium costs


Give your employees a Flex Health Benefit Plan
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Brokers Ease Renewals with CEHBP

Have Smart Plan Design subsidize your premium dollars to control your premium costs and provide better benefits to your employees

Employees have control over what benefits they receive not the benefits an insurance company dictates.

Smart Plan Design finds more ways to stretch small business health insurance plan premium dollars making administation and renewal easier for your clients.

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How you can control the cost of Group Health Benefit Premiums

Smart Plan Design lets your small business define the contribution to your group health premium, not the insurance company, at annual renewal. A defined contribution plan sets an upper limit on dollars available in each employee’s tax-free RHSA, making your costs predictable and affordable.

How to Subsidize your Group Health Benefit Premium

Smart Plan Design subsidizes your premium dollar to produce double the employee benefits by maximizing tax savings, integrating with other public and private plans, and by refunding premium savings resulting from more efficient administration.

What are Flex Health Benefits?

Smart Plan Design is a flex plan which allows each employee to receive the benefits they “need and want” for their families, list of hundreds of CRA allowable medical expenses. A flex plan reimburses employees or expenses in tax-free dollars up to the limit in their RHSA.

How to Waste your Best Employee Benefit

The best employee benefit in your compensation package is your tax-free group health plan. Unfortunately, most small businesses waste this important tax-free benefit by buying too much group health insurance which forces employees to spend after-tax dollars for a benefit but should be tax-free.

Smart Plan Design provides RHSA, a tax-free account for everyday purchases, combined with necessary insurance protection for rare but serious illness.